Welcome to the Animal Jam PetShare Wiki!Edit

Animal Jam PetShare Wiki is a place to share your pets, pet ideas, new info about pets, and just anything related to pets! Please contribute to our small Wiki! :D It would be highly appreciated!

What to do on PetShare Wiki? Edit

If you'd like to show off your pets, create a page saying your user's name, then the word pets. For example, Aparri's Swag Pets, or Juniper314's Kawaii Companions. That sorta thing.

If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or concerns, please post a message on the Admins' message walls!

They are listed below:

WildWackySushi (Founder)

Apidary_AJ (Admin. and B-Cat)

XxEternalEmbersxX (Admin.)

DarkPopplio94 (Admin.)

Smalltalkyseal (Admin.)

Latest activityEdit

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